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HIV is a physically and psychologically challenging disease. Speaking from personal experiences, I can assure you of this. It makes you overthink your existence in this world and puts every effort and work into question. Is it worth working this hard every day knowing that your lifetime has been naturally limited? Thinking in such a way is what makes you vulnerable to this disease. Therefore, I decided to challenge HIV with my highest value - my strength. On June 1st I decided to tie my running shoes, and go out for a run. I promised myself to do this for the next 6 months every day. To feel active and useful, I decided to run at least 10K every day until December 1st, 2015 - The International World Aids Day. Please support me. Tie your shoes, go out for a run and donate 1$/1€ for every kilometer you have covered on your run. You give people like me a glimmer of hope for an improvement on HIV treatment and perhaps the chance for a HIV-cure some day. Thank you for your support.

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